Herbal Womb Healing Session

The intention of a Womb Healing Session is to empower you as a Wombyn to re-mem-ber your birthright of how to connect to and heal your sacred vessel. With the guidance and wisdom of the medicine plants, Katie holds the sacred container of the healing and brings in multiple healing tools to serve as a conduit for the plants to facilitate this powerful spiral of awakening to your healed, whole self.

The initial session takes approximately 2 hours and


🌺A clearing smudge & setting intentions

🌺An intake and communication of specific concerns  

🌺Oracle card and Plant Ally reading

🌺Womb attunement with Plant Allies

🌺 Self-care uterine massage techniques

🌺A prepared herbal Yoni steam experience and rest/integration time

🌺Plant spirit bath/limpia to culminate our session.

🌿A flower Essence blend to take home to support you in your healing journey 

🌿A written guidance sent within 1 week of session with nutritional, herbal, floral essence and supportive advice.

To prepare for your session:

🌀Please wear comfortable clothes and a long, flowy skirt

🌀Make sure you are well hydrated

🌀It is best if your schedule for the rest of your day after is open so you can rest and integrate.

💚 Initial 2 hour Session- $75-100 sliding scale 

Follow-up sessions $50

 The exchange for session can be paid in cash (colones or dollars) or sent via:

 SINPE 8617-6069 OR

 PayPal: remediosmariposita@gmail.com

 Venmo: @ KatieMBrowning