Embodying Herbalism through the Sacred Earth Year Program

Join Certified Herbalist, Katie Rose Molina Browning for this incredible year long program of 8 Sacred Earth Year Celebration Days -Imbolc to Winter Solstice and 4 Seasonal/Elemental Weekend Gatherings

8 Sacred Earth Year Gatherings ~ Imbolc through Winter Solstice

Join Katie and learn how medicinal plants, seasonal Earth cycles and sacred ritual can guide us on a unique healing journey. We will follow the sacred wheel of the year as known from ancient European traditions and meet to study medicinal plant allies for each Earth holiday. We will cover the physical, mental and spiritual properties of the herbs through materia medica (physical properties and actions), energetics, associations, traditions and invocations. We will work with the plants experientially throughout each class and culminate by embodying the plants wisdom during ceremony.

4 Elemental Weekend (2 Day) Workshops that connect and ground us into each season. We will will dive deeply into understanding the elemental associations and the corresponding season by embodying the plants that guide us and the spiritual nature, emotions & body systems they work with.


Sacred Earth Year Gathering Days- $60/ per gathering

$480/ 8 Gatherings (10% discount if paid in full)


Weekend Seasonal Element Workshops- $180/per weekend

$720/ 4 Weekend Workshops (10% discount if paid in full)


$1,200/Full Year program or 4 payments $300 

(15% discount if paid in full)