ReWilding Souls Project


Re-member, Re-connect, Re-Wild!

ReWilding Souls Project is a collaboration – a Multi Dimensional Umbrella

„To multiply our impact on the world by supporting each other and joining forces through collaborations.“

The idea behind Rewilding Souls Project is to start a community platform that aligns in beliefs and values, connects many different topics and people through different mediums and provides multiple learning experiences around these topics and values.

This is not just an individual projection into the world, this is part of creating community, envisioning together.

„The goal is to create a beautiful tapestry that is woven together in this web of community in connection with nature, personal growth and empowerment.“

With ReWilding Souls Project we want to provide a platform for contious growth, support and for it to be the ignition for new collaborations through networking, in several languages.

Christina and Katie are just the initiators, trying to hold space for all these beautiful people they don´t know yet.

So many people out there already work on many topics around re-wilding human bodies and souls. This project simply wants to join efforts to multiply the impact we can have on the world today and strenghten all of us – and our work and life by finding support in community.

ReWilding Souls Project values and goals are the following:

  • re-connect humans – with their wild side – their intuition (themselves) – with nature – and each other
  • fuel deep and respectful connections with nature
  • encourage and enable a strong commitment to self-development and growth
  • empower each other through sharing information, knowledge, experience and wisdom by teaching, learning, networking, gifting, collaborations, etc.


One big issue we continuously see today is a lack of connection between humans in general and coorperation between professionals in detail.

This is one of the reasons ReWilding Souls Project was born:

  • grounding in nature – herbalists, practitioners of the wild outdoors, sports, camping, hiking, nature experiences, etc.
  • grounding and nourishing the body through healthy movement, food and body-care (Teachers of Yoga, Qui Gong, Martial Arts, Dance, etc.
  • grounding the soul back into the body (all types of therapists, coaches, shamanic workers, naturopaths, alternative medicine and therapies practitioners, etc.)
  • promoting and doing good deeds (by providing support to others as social workers, teachers, NGOs, volunteering, etc.)
  • empowering people through a wide range of life-skills (finances, communcation, etc.)
  • re-wilding the soul, whatever that means to you – let us know what this is!

„Because the world is rising an together we are stronger in holding this space for each other. “